by Lawrence Beardsley

Human greed is destroying the Planet with its Industrial Chaos.

Today, most historians agree that the Industrial Revolution was a great turning point in the history of the world. It changed the Western world from a basically rural and agricultural society to a basically urban and industrial society. Industrialization brought many material benefits, but it also created a large number of problems that still remain critical in the modern world. For example, most industrial countries face problems of air and water pollution.


This album is a mix of different genres, moods, and grooves. At times hauntingly plaintive introspective and at others fast, furious, and funky.
Infused with political, and intellectual sound’s, this album has been described as industrial music for the mature industrial fan.

This is the debut album for Lawrence Beadsley! It is an insight into the mind of an individual who has gone through many issues in his life.
The music reflects several key events that transformed him into the person he is today. 

released 15 July 2011

You may download single songs at:


Check out the music video of  “At the lab factory”


Lawrence Beardsley on guitars, keyboards
Hector Rodriguez on percussion, keyboards

Produced by LBArtworks

Recorded at LBArtworks, Orlando, FL

Recording/Mix Engineer Roberto “Tito” Vazquez

All songs by Lawrence Beardsley
Published by LBArtworks

Art Direction and Design by Lawrence Beardsley
Photography & Art by Lawrence Beardsley

Special thanks to my assistant Raquel Rodriguez


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